D shows off whats going on with his grow room preis viagra 100. Girls are looking good and filling up the room

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2 thoughts on “Kingdom Organic Seeds Black Poison, Darkling Sativa, The Tombs, Coma Cluster, Cap Peeler MMJ 710

  1. the girls look so good. I have been using tlo to grow medicine for my wife and myself. Only 4 plantd at a time. 400 watt in veg and flower. A question, or suggestion…why doesn’t anyone say anything about the height of their plants. I keep track of the height on a weekly basis, and this helps me know about when to flip to flower, when stretching stops, and what my finished height is. This lets me calculate yield while still on the bush. Also, I’m getting about 1 oz. of dried bud per plant…with tlo is this average with 7-8 weeks veg and a height of about 14-20 inches?
    Any help will be so apprerciated.

    • Thank you very much. What size containers are you growing in, whats your lighting, grow space size. I was getting the 1 oz per plant when I wasn’t watering enough. Now I’m getting anywhere from 2 oz or better.

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